Jinoos Taghizadeh

1971: Born, Tehran, Iran


2000: BA, Sculpture, University of Tehran, College of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran
1992: Diploma, Pottery, Cultural Heritage Organization, Tehran, Iran
1992: Diploma, Dramatic Literature, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
1988: Diploma, Graphics, Azadegan High School, Tehran, Iran

Work Experience

2012-2019: Editor in chief of fine art section in “Aftab Network” Magazine, Tehran, Iran
2014-2018: Member of Nafas NGO (Environmental activities against air pollution of Tehran)
2013: Member of Jury committee, 7th Selected Among the New Generation  Competition, Tehran, Iran
2010: Member of Jury Committee, 6th Sculpture Biennial of Tehran, Iran
2004: Member of Selection Committee, 4th Sculpture Biennial of Tehran, Iran
2001: Alternate Member, Managing Board of Iranian Sculptor’s Society, Tehran, Iran
2001: Member, Board of Editors, Mojassameh (“Sculpture”) Magazine, Tehran, Iran
2001-2009: Board of Editors, Internet Magazine, Tehran, Iran
1987–1992: Active in the fields of costume and scene design, graphic design, children’s books illustration and puppet shows

Award, Grants & Art Residencies

Avolon and RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy) Global studio Award (6 months fully founded artist residency).Dublin. Ireland
The Guesthouse Art Center, Artist Residency Program (6 weeks residency). Cork, Ireland
Naming the teaching-performance salon in the Fine Arts faculty in Bergen: “Jinoos Room”, Bergen. Norway
Kultuur Centrum Brugge (2 weeks Residency), Bruges. Belgium
WARP Contemporary Art Center, Residency Program (20 days). Sint Niklaas. Belgium
Villa Empain, Residency Program (20 days), Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium

Speeches & Workshop Activities

2017: “The possibilities of collaboration among artists, art centers and cultural organizations from Iran, Turkey and Europe”, Roundtable Meeting, Tandem cultural center, Istanbul. Turkey

2017: “Open Wiring Lecture-Performance”, Faculty of Fine Art, Bergen, Norway

2017: ” the letter that never arrived”, Learning from the Middle East Speeches Series. Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

2017: ” Laptop Studio Visits “, Konstfrämjandet, Stockholm, Sweden
2013: “Art and Activism”, Coordinator of Iranian Part, Anadolu Kultur, Istanbul, Turkey

2011: “Performance in Public spaces”, Mashhad Municipality Meeting Hall, Iran

2009: “Standup for Art”, Iranian Artist Forum, Tehran, Iran
2005: “Contemporary Sculpture in Iran”, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iran

Solo Exhibitions

2019: The Smell of Lily and Jasmine, Smell Installation, Hinterland Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2018: On the Road, Installation, Video and drawing parallel projects, Bogarten Chapel Gallery, Bruges, Belgium
Letters I Never wrote, a series of postal stamps, Stiftelsen 3,14 Gallery, Bergen, Norway
2016: Video black box, Kunsthalle, Wiesbaden, Germany
Video, Installation and drawing parallel projects, Open Wiring, O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2009: Video and 3D illustration, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Aaran Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006: Installation in Public Space, Kunsthof Self-Portrait, Kunsthof, Zurich, Switzerland
2006: Video Art and Photo Art, Messages, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004: Painting, Sculpture, Video Art, Abu Reyhan Self-portraits, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004: 2 Performances, Frough Farokhzad, Streets of Tehran, Iran
2003: 8 Performances, Café Konj, Tehran, Iran
2003: Performance, Offering, Outside Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran
2003: Sculpture, poet+ic, Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2000: Painting, Shive Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2018: ” Only the morning bird treasures the flower garden”, REDCAT, LA. USA
2017: “In Between (Part II): So Far”, Mana Contemporary, NY. USA
2017: “Possible worlds”, Kunst Raum, Potsdam. Germany
2016: “Image of self”, O Galery, Tehran, Iran
2016:  Drawing/Tehran”, Iran, Aknoon Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2016: “Cities of the world”, Haugesund Art Gallery, Norway)
2015: “Mr. President”, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015: “Spring of recession”, CENTREFOLD Project, Sazman ab Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015: TEHRAN MON AMOUR”, Gallerie Royal, Munich, Germany
2015: “Too early too late/ Middle East and modernity”, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna, Italy
2014: “Portraits: Reflections by Emerging Iranian Artists”, Rogue Space Chelsea, NY, USA
2014: “
A woman is worth a thousand questions: alternative media from Iran”, REDCAT, LA. USA
2013: “Surveilling  The Naked City”, Atopia, Oslo, Norway
2013: “Tehran Calling London / London Calling Tehran”, London Print Studio, London, UK
2012: “Post Pop”, Mah-e Mehr Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2012: “Iranian Contemporary Art”, New Albion Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2012: “In Betweenness”, Mah-e Mehr Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2012: “Restless”, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide. Australia
2012: “The Elephant in The Dark”, Devi Art Foundation, Delhi,  India
2011: “Iranian Pulse”, Oi Futuro, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011: “Disturbing the Public Opinion”, Röda Sten Art Centre, Goteborg, Sweden
2011: “My Super Hero”, Morano Kiang Gallery and Aaran Gallery, LA, USA and Tehran
2011: “Postcard from Tehran”, 18th Street Art Center, LA, USA
“Iran, Preview of the Past”, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2010: “Breaking News”, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, Modena, Italy
2010: “Tough Love”, Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, Portugal
2010: “Ground Floor America”, Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010: “Others”, The biennials of art from Marrakech, Istanbul, and Athens, Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino, Palazzo Valle , Palermo, Italy
2010: “A Time For […]”, Aaran Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010:  “World Selection of Contemporary Art”, Biennial CUVEE, Klagenfurt, Austria.
2010: “Iran di Verso: Black or White?” Verso Artecontemporanea. Turin, Italy.
2010: “Promise of Loss “, Arario Gallery, New York, USA
2009: “Promise of Loss “, Gallery Ernst Hilger. Vienna, Austria.
2009: “What Keeps Mankind Alive? 11th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey.
2009: “Iran Inside Out”, Chelsea Museum of Art .New York, USA.
2009: “Keeping up Appearances”, B21 Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2009: “Praxis”, 2nd Thessaloniki biennial, Thessaloniki, Greece
2009: “What, How and for Whom”, Gallery Nova, Zagreb, Croatia
2009:  “Tehran Blues”, Video and Illustration , Stad Museum , Karlsruhe, Germany
2008: “Out of Place”, Short film, Gallery Box, Göteborg, Sweden
2008: “Lion under the Rainbow”, Texts & Performance, As Part of Art Athina 2008, Athens, Greece
2008: “Transit passengers”, Short film The Wind Blows in Street, Winterthur Theater Festival, Swiss
2008: “Tiny & Conceptual”, Stamps Series, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007: “Image of the Year”, Short film Performance as Nazr, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2007: “Caravan”, Video, Galleria Shiraz, Venice, Italy
2007: “All of My Mothers”, Painting, Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2007: “Silent Messages”, Video, 17th International Congress of Aesthetics, Ankara, Turkey
2007:Rules of the Game”, Photo, 2nd, Fanoos Photo’s Slide Show. Tehran, Iran
2007: “Limited Access”, Video, “Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006: “Cultura Subyugada”, Video & Performance’s Photos, Tucuman, Buenos Aires, Argentine
2006: “Artists4Lebanon”, Painting, Gusto Gallery, Sharq, Kuwait
2006: “Eastern Expressway”,Video, Evangelische Stadtakademie, Frankfurt, Germany
2006: Sculpture, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2006: Sculpture, Conaculta INBA Center, La Esmeralda, Mexico City, Mexico
2006: Sculpture and Painting, Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Esfahan, Iran
2005: Sculpture, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2005: “Portrait”, Khak Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2005: 4th Sculpture Biennial, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004: “Image of the Year”, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2004: 3rd New Art Exhibition, Student Club of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran
2003: “For Bam” Slide, Installation, Performance, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran
2002: 3rd Sculpture Biennal, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2000: 1st Conceptual Art Exhibition, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
1999: Pottery, Tehran, Iran
1998: Painting, Japan


Jinoos Taghizadeh