Open Wiring Project

In open wiring electric systems are not routed through walls, under floors and above ceilings, but placed in surface-mounted conduits and raceways which are visible and directly accessible from the building interior. The open method is used when construction is facing time constraints or when the existing internal wiring network is dysfunctional. In such or similar circumstances, open wiring is a quick way to prevent hazards to individuals and machinery. While open wiring has the advantage of detecting wiring problems with ease, it has two fundamental drawbacks. There is always the danger of broken sheathing and live wire exposure. Wires being in the open, they are also not aesthetically pleasing. The Open Wiring exhibit is a collection of drawings (on old books, newspapers, or architectural drawings), videos, and sculptures that appear unconnected but that are conceptually and mentally related. An open wiring system ties these pieces together — with the help of cleats. Open Wiring is a metaphor for the situation of artists vis-a-vis themselves, their surrounding, and art in general. This is a situation in which the existing network is frayed, unreliable, or nonexistent, and artists are forced to resort to short-term solutions to make ends meet. Works in this exhibit are from the artist’s mind map from 2009 to 2015, some of which form a whole with the other pieces in the collection and some only make suggestions for a better understanding of the whole.