Velvet Ghaba

There is a time when clothing finds an importance far beyond covering and becomes the window for people’s ideas, the absence of Mass media turns it in to a tool; The softness of velvet reminds the rulers of individuals who chose to believe differently, clothing becomes a media to express art , far beyond fashion.

In the series “ Velvet Ghabas “, clothing embodies media and shows up in form of Ghaba; Ghaba’s were worn by  the elite of the country and here it is again worn by same people and within it’s inner layers depicts designs that are the signs and symbols of the “others“ . Ghaba was the clothing of eminent men of the country and was often used to cover musical instruments .The instruments became smaller so that they could be covered up, but the music remained with the help of Ghabas.

In this story what is underneath the Velvet Ghaba’s will remain protected despite the harshest pressures and controls. And that is the magic of Persian culture.


“Velvet Ghaba” Photo Gallery