Fatness upon Fatness – 100

They Devour, consume and get fat; fatter and fatter…nobody likes them…they want more and more. They have to stay strong, they have to devour, they need to satisfy their appetite. They are short of breath and are breathing heavily. They are tired but they are still devouring like a sick person, they consume.

We are alike: this city and I. We grow up together, we reach everywhere together, we devour all that surrounds us together and lie down but there is no tranquility. We destroy…we are restless. We destroy from within and without; hopelessly. We increase in size; we get to be giants and with this growth we destroy ourselves from within. We destroy in order to rebuild, we are re-born out of what we have destroyed…we want everything out of limits; we want the buildings to reach the skies, we want vastness as far as the eyes can see, we want destruction to be endless and death be complete. May we be born again out of death. Something might begin when it all ends. What is born though might be an unknown; incomprehensible and strange. We have no other alternatives.

My body has spread along the foothills of the Alborz mountains. Large and fat is my city, we are alike and as for me: “whatever I touch in this city brings me pain”.


* From poem The Horses, Garrous Abdolmalekian


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